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Five Star Life with Coach Seth is all about Five Star Life’s mission, ”to change the face of culture by changing the mindsets of kids”. Research shows that at the core of each person’s success or failure is a mindset. Research also shows that kids drop out because they do not value education and ultimately do not value themselves. Five Star Life attacks this root issue by infusing our proprietary curriculum that teaches kids how to develop successful mindsets which is the beginning of their transformation! Join Coach Seth and Mia as they break down Five Star Life’s research informed curriculum for adults! Each episode features content related to our Five Star Life Values (respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, courage) and our Five Star Life Skills (mindset, self-awareness, relationships, social-awareness, character, leadership, servant leadership). We promise that if you listen and apply the lessons from this podcast your mindset will shift and your life will begin to change!

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4 days ago

Join Coach Seth and Special Guest The Rocket Ismail as they take a deep dive into the story of Rocket Ismail!  
Learn about Rocket's pre-football years and the surprising story of what drew him to the game.
Hear about his teenage years and his road to the University of Notre Dame.
Finally, hear about his years in the pros, and the powerful lesson he had to learn, but not before it almost cost him everything.
This is one you DO NOT want to miss!
#breakthrough #fivestarlife #rocketismail #fightingirish #irishstro

Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Do you hate being told you're wrong or being told what to do?
Do you get defensive when someone gives you correction?
Well, you're not alone. But what if how you receive correction could be turned around into your secret weapon?
In this video, join Coach Seth and Mia as they show you how you should receive correction, when you should receive correction, and how doing this well can be your secret weapon and ultimatel lead to #BREAKTHROUGH

Saturday Sep 16, 2023

In this week's episode, Coach Seth brings on special guests, Director of Basketball Operations Brae Beadles, as well as Five Star Life Executive Director, Aubrey Daniels who catch us up on all things Five Star, and recap what was a very successful golf open which this year, was held in support of our Five Star Life Basketball Scholarship Fund.
This year's Golf Open featured Special Guest, Notre Dame great - Rocket Ismail, as well as our honored guest, Tyler Brown. If you have never heard Tyler's story, this is an episode you do not want to miss. It is a profile in resilience and courage in the face of unspeakable tragedy, and should serve as inspiration to us all.
If you are looking for a little bit of uplifting, as well as the inspiration and motivation to get up and get involved, this one is for you.
It is one you will want to watch, and re-watch, and share with a friend!
#sports #motivtion #breakthrough

Saturday Sep 09, 2023

Want to build better relationships?
1) Learn the power of empathy!
2) Overcome the influence of narcissism!
In this episode, Coach Seth shares the story of how he was challenged to come face to face with his own narcissism, and how learning the difference between sympathy and empathy is what made the difference. Coach Seth and Mia further unpack this principle, and look at why not knowing this key idea might be what is holding you back from BREAKTHROUGH in your most important relationships.
You won't want to miss this one!
#fivestarlife #coachsethfsl #breakthrough

Saturday Aug 19, 2023

Do you struggle to connect with others?
Do you ever feel like you're on the outside looking in?
Have you ever wondered what's stopping you from making more friends and building stronger relationships?
In this episode, Coach Seth and Mia discuss the importance of self-awareness in building relationships.
They share tips on how to:
👉 Be more aware of your own appearance, hygiene, and behavior, so that you can make a positive first impression on others.
👉 Be a better listener, ask more questions, and build rapport with others.
👉 Be your own brand and be naturally attractive to others.
Whether you're a kid, teen, or adult, this episode is packed with practical advice that can help you break through in your social life
***Listen now and learn what it takes to become your own brand and connect with others on a deeper level!***
#fivestarlife #fsl #breakthrough_

Saturday Aug 12, 2023

In this week's show, Coach Seth and Mia continue to explore some real reasons behind low confidence, low self esteem and how these in turn lead to an inability to properly connect with other people. 
We are hardwired to connect, and while there are a number of issues that affect our ability to do so, there is one powerful solution that can lead to BREAKTHROUGH in all areas of your social life. 
We also welcome Brae Beadles, Director of Five Star Life Basketball, as well as Justin Maust, Co-Founder of Five Star Life who discuss the Five Star Life Basketball Program, as well as the reason Justin stepped down from his previous leadership with Five Star Life. His real reason might surprise you!
You don't want to miss this one!

Saturday Aug 05, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to neglect ourselves, and/or allow the thoughts and opinions of others to affect how we see ourselves.
We live in a world that constantly bombards with messages that do not align with who we truly are, or point is in the direction of the person we know we ought to be. Once these thoughts are internalized, without the right tools in place, they can prove nearly impossible to override.
In this episode, Coach Seth and Mia delve into the secret of being your own best friend, the power you have to shape your own thoughts, and the power this has to alter the course of your life for the better.
We are also joined by our very special guests from OSMC who share about their practice, as well as the values that have allowed them to grow into the the kind of organization they are today.
You don't want to miss it!

Saturday Jul 29, 2023

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to connect with others. But what is connection, and why is it so important for our health and happiness?
In this episode, we'll explore the science of connection and learn how our relationships shape our physical and mental health. We'll also discuss how to build stronger relationships and live a more connected life.
Whether you're feeling lonely, isolated, or just want to learn more about the power of connection, this video is for you.
**In this episode, you'll learn:**
* The science of connection and how it affects our health and happiness
* How to build stronger relationships
* How to live a more connected life
* Tips for overcoming loneliness and isolation
**Check out this episode to learn more about the power of connection and how it can help you live a happier, healthier life.**

Breakthrough Motivation: Habits

Saturday Jul 22, 2023

Saturday Jul 22, 2023

Join Coach Seth and Mia as they discuss the power of habits. Goals are important, actions are huge, but it is habits that are the game changer. Dive in with Coach Seth and Mia, and find out how making this one simple adjustment to your mindset can pay off in all areas of life. 

Saturday Jul 22, 2023

Coach Seth and Coach Mia talk about motivation. At the core of a person's success or failure is a person's "operating system" or mindset. "As humans, we have three core motivating factors. Achievement, connection and power. Find out how these motivating factors affect your mindset, how this in turn affects your outcomes, and ultimately how you can make this new found understanding work for you and watch it lead to breakthrough in many areas of your life.

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